Write a Book With Me #3: Our Personal Identity

My English teacher in school gave us the task of writing a four-line poem about an object that played a significant role in shaping our identity.

It took me a quite a while to decide what object I wanted to write about – there are so many things that have influenced me throughout my 15 (almost 16!) years of life! So, I decided to start by thinking back to my younger years, and to the roots of my identity. What do I remember the most clearly? What did I hold closest to my heart?

From that sprouted the idea of basing my divine, almighty virtuous four lines off a… stinky towel.

Now, my towel was more of a thin, baby yellow blanket that I would snuggle under every night or wrap myself around with when reading a book. In other words, I had so much affection for and attachment to this yellow blanket that I used it almost all of the time, to the point where it got a little worn-out, and well, stinky. I was adamant on sleeping with it every night until it no longer covered me from head to toe, and I grew out of it.

I still have it under my bed, thought, and it’s probably as small and stinky as before.

My Stinky Towel

You were stinky. Yet forever the same in your silky sympathy.

Caressing my cub-paws in a cocoon, which clawed dust

that your modesty never failed to pet clean. But

Now a tiger’s – your stinkiness did not live up to my impurity.

What’s your interpretation of the poem? What’s an object that you think represents you the best?

It’s been a bit difficult to keep up with my poetry writing since school’s started, but like how I was determined to have my stinky towel with me at all times, I’m determined to compile enough poems to make a book!

Will be posting something longer next, what would you like to see?

3 thoughts on “Write a Book With Me #3: Our Personal Identity

  1. This was a really awesome poem! It reminded me a bit of my younger brother who had–well, has–this blanket that my grandma gave to him when he was born. He’s way outgrown it now, being 13, but he still holds onto it. He kept telling us “When I turn ____ years old, I’ll get rid of it” and it’s never happened! 😂 Since I’m no longer living at home but come home on the weekends, I saw the blanket for the first time in a while and I realized how completely filthy it’s become! It used to be super pure white and now it’s yellowed and tearing at the edges and it simply cannot be washed to be the way it used to be before; it’s seen too much in its long life! I love the idea of the prompt your teacher gave you, it’s really thought-provoking. I especially love how you responded to the prompt, though–the resulting poem was really well-done and interesting! Awesome post! 🤗

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    1. Sorry for not replying to this sooner! But glad that you liked it! And haha, it’s great that your brother still has so much affection for his own ‘stinky towel’ 😂 As long as he finds comfort in it though, I think it’s always completely fine to keep it for a long time (well except if it really gets too mouldy)!! Also, that’s made me think about how sometimes it’s okay to cling onto things from your childhood or be a child, because I feel like it’s too easy for people to feel pressured to grow up faster!

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      1. For sure! The pressure to grow up is certainly real and it’s always valuable to hold onto pieces of childhood as one goes. It’s certainly a comfort to be able to take one’s time while growing up–childhood is not something one can easily regain once they’ve given it up!


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